Pedestrians in Parallel Domain worlds are found everywhere - parking lots, highway shoulders, jaywalking, and in vehicles. Our pedestrian library is also diverse. It includes both adults and children of varied ethnicities, skin colors, and ages. Civilians spawn with one of several clothing colors, yielding hundreds of possible variations across all pedestrians. Our library also includes construction workers, police officers, and medical workers.

Pedestrian Behaviors

In a Parallel Domain world, pedestrians go on morning jogs, cross crosswalks, jaywalk, sit on benches, and even fix their broken down cars.

Our platform offers control over how fast pedestrians move. Animations such as walking, jogging, and running are chosen based on the specific pedestrian's speed.

Pedestrians also have idle animations, such as talking on the phone, texting, looking at their watch, and more.

Pedestrian Annotations

In addition to standard annotations for pedestrians, we also provide pedestrian keypoints.

Below is the list of keypoints (available in 2D and 3D) for each pedestrian.


Note: ped_root refers to the center of the bottom of the bounding box of the pedestrian, which is useful for tracking smooth motion of the pedestrian