Every Parallel Domain dataset is composed of scenes. Each scene can also optionally utilize a generator that produces one of the scenarios described in the subsections. We're limited to one scenario type per scene. In the future, these generators will be modular, allowing for multiple scenario types per scene - for example, a sudden reveal with a construction scenario.

Each scene is also controlled with a set of standard parameters. This list covers many parameter types, but isn't exhaustive. If you are interested in learning more, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us.

Scenario Controls

  • Distribution of weather conditions
  • Distribution of environment types
  • Scenario length
  • Road types scenarios will be generated on (parking lots, highways, residential roads, etc.)

Pedestrian Controls

  • Density of pedestrians
  • Probability pedestrians are idling, wandering, jaywalking, or stopping near sidewalk edges.
  • Average speed of pedestrians
  • Density of animals

Vehicle Controls (includes ego vehicle)

  • Distribution of vehicle types that will spawn on roads
  • Density of vehicles
  • Road types vehicles will be spawned on (parking lots, highways, residential roads, etc.)
  • Toggling vehicle occupants
  • Velocity and acceleration profiles
  • Lane switching behavior
  • Lane drifting behavior
  • Probability of rolling stops at intersections
  • Probability of proceeding out of turn at intersections