The new data pipeline for computer vision

Accelerating autonomy with synthetic data

"Thanks to its high degree of realism, flexibility and scalability, the Parallel Domain platform enables rapid exploration of cutting-edge machine learning ideas. Its cost effectiveness enables accelerated paths to deployments at scale. This combination makes the platform really unique and a huge advantage for us to develop the future of robot autonomy."

Adrien Gaidon

Senior Machine Learning Manager, Toyota Research Institute

Why Parallel Domain?

Parallel Domain's synthetic data platform is the fastest way to generate the high quality data you need to train and test your perception models

Rich scenario diversity

Procedurally generated scenarios to easily “collect” synthetic sensor data at scale

Industry leading content fidelity

Carefully curated high quality content library supporting a variety of regions, agents and environmental conditions

Highly accurate custom annotations

Pixel perfect annotations that can be customized to meet your workflow needs

Photorealistic sensor simulation

Tunable in-house synthetic sensor modules that match most camera and LiDAR specifications

The Parallel Domain Platform

Access our API and generate sensor data that meets your development needs.

Parallel Domain is a synthetic data platform powered by a robust procedural generation pipeline. Our API has two modes which give you the flexibility in how you capture data.

We support major autonomy use cases.

Advanced Driver Assistance

L4 / L5 Autonomy


What will you do with your Parallel Domain?

Access our APIs today and begin generating your own data.