The new data pipeline for computer vision

Accelerating autonomy with synthetic data

"Thanks to its high degree of realism, flexibility and scalability, the Parallel Domain platform enables rapid exploration of cutting-edge machine learning ideas. Its cost effectiveness enables accelerated paths to deployments at scale. This combination makes the platform really unique and a huge advantage for us to develop the future of robot autonomy."

Adrien Gaidon

Senior Machine Learning Manager, Toyota Research Institute

"Parallel Domain data boosted the machine learning model performance of our traffic light classification system. Their platform provided us with a diverse dataset with edge cases and accurate annotations that would not have been possible with our real world data operations."

Sr. ML Manager

Industry Leading Level-4 Autonomy Team

"Collecting emergency vehicle data is a huge challenge. We were able to achieve significant performance improvements in our emergency vehicle detection algorithms by using the Parallel Domain platform to generate synthetic datasets that matched our operational domain here in Japan."

Wadim Kehl

ML Tech Lead, Woven Planet

Why Parallel Domain?

Preparing your autonomous system for the real world is a slow, expensive and cumbersome process. Parallel Domain is the fastest way to train and test your machines and human operators.

Your virtual fleet - anytime, anywhere

Train and test your autonomous system to be ready for anywhere in the real world, without the overhead of actually being there.

Data variety, at your fingertips

Day and night, city and rural, LiDAR and camera, fog, rain, traffic lights, vehicles, pedestrians and animals: generate the scenarios you need.

Accuracy and detail like never before

Eliminate annotation mistakes and get richer metadata not available with manual annotation services.

Productivity for your team

Rapidly experiment with algorithms, try new sensor configurations, and make data-driven investment decisions with confidence.

The Parallel Domain Platform

Access our API and generate sensor data that meets your development needs.

Parallel Domain is a synthetic data platform powered by a robust procedural generation pipeline. Our API has three modes which give you the flexibility in how you capture data.

We support major autonomy use cases.

Advanced Driver Assistance

L4 / L5 Autonomy


What will you do with your Parallel Domain?

Access our APIs today and begin generating your own data.