Our APIs and tools generate synthetic data to accelerate your computer vision workflow

Improving machine learning models? Testing your perception stack? The Parallel Domain platform makes it easy to generate and access high quality synthetic sensor data



Batch Mode


Create your own datasets to train, test, and validate your machine learning models

Custom Datasets

Configure your dataset by specifying sensors, location, agent distribution, and lighting & weather variations

The Long Tail

Balance out your training data with rare classes and corner cases you can't capture in the real world

Labels that work

Access a wide variety of labels including ones that are not available from human labelers like depth and optical flow


Perform closed loop perception testing with your simulator stack by generating synthetic sensor data on demand

Fine-grain scenario control

Build scenarios with your existing simulation tools and customize every last detail before requesting a rendered dataset

Client libraries to integrate with your simulator

Programmatically construct sensors and agents with our Python / C++ SDKs and bring them to life with our render pipeline

Cloud hosted render pipeline

Transmit state information to a hosted render pipeline that returns synthetic sensor data

What will you do with your Parallel Domain?

Access our APIs today and begin generating your own data.