The Parallel Domain platform delivers rich, annotated synthetic data for all your autonomous system training and testing use cases.

Build machine learning models, test your perception stack, and train your teleoperations team using the three modes of our API on demand, to easily generate and access the diverse data you need.




Batch Mode


Specify distributions and Batch Mode will generate datasets for training and testing your machine learning models.

Datasets at scale

Diversify your datasets by creating custom location, lightning and weather variations

The data you need

Balance out your training data by generating corner cases

Complex annotations

Access complex annotations that are not available from human labelers


Take control with Step Mode by using your existing simulator or real-world logs to generate step-by-step synthetic sensor data.

Log playback

Playback your real world logs and visualize with rich sensor simulation data

Render your scenarios

Pass agent state information to render out your simulation scenarios

Diversify your logs

Generate variations of your real world logs to develop robust perception algorithms


Pilot interactive and immersive experiences by using Stream Mode to respond to user input in real-time.

Go beyond the box

Visualize your vehicle and its surrounding environment in a custom generated and controllable virtual world

UX testing

Test and update your safety system's human machine interface early in your development cycle

Operator training

Prepare your teleoperations team for complexities of real-world scenarios

What will you do with your Parallel Domain?

Access our APIs today and begin generating your own data.