Parallel Domain Data Lab

The ultimate control hub for crafting your optimal synthetic dataset, supercharged by generative AI.

Unrivaled control and experimentation

Boost perception models with granular control over numerous parameters – sensors, location, weather, agent density, and beyond. Imagine and create unique scenarios for iterative data generation that meets your exact needs.

Unleash innovation with generative AI

From natural language prompts to diverse and fully annotated synthetic data – let generative AI create diverse, detailed scenarios for limitless possibilities.

Scale effortlessly with cloud data generation

Our cloud generation infrastructure allows you to massively parallelize your data generation and simulations, both for dataset generation and closed-loop simulation.

Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) Simulation

The Data Lab API can be controlled by any automated process on the user side, including your simulator or log replay system. Turn Data Lab into your nightly regression testing platform for your perception systems.

Fine-grain scenario control

Build scenarios with your existing simulation tools and customize every last detail before requesting a rendered dataset

Client libraries to integrate with your simulator

Programmatically construct sensors and agents with our Python / C++ SDKs and bring them to life with our render pipeline

Cloud hosted render pipeline

Transmit state information to a hosted render pipeline that returns synthetic sensor data

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